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Art Club Van Gogh is Yerevan’s premier location to enjoy art, music, food and drinks.

With regular exhibitions and concerts featuring local artists and musicians, the Van Gogh Art offers an eclectic and welcoming atmosphere to all patrons.

The Van Gogh art club is the perfect party venue, with accommodations for up to 50 guests to sit comfortably. We offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as over 20 brands of whiskey, cognac, and wines from Armenia, Georgia, and Italy. With free WiFi, heat, air-conditioning, and a ventilation system designed to reduce cigarette smoke, we are ready to welcome you until 3AM every night!

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Our menu includes a large variety of drinks – dozen single malt whiskeys, wines of different varieties and professionally prepared cocktails.
Our chiefs included in the menu different national cuisines such as Georgian and Armenian and dishes are made with special recipe.

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